Bluegreen Gardens
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About the local flower farm and the farmer florists in Lancaster, OH

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About Us

Bluegreen Gardens is a boutique flower farm and floral design studio just outside of downtown Lancaster, OH operated by husband and wife team, Mike Zawislak and Elizabeth Fox Zawislak. 


Elizabeth and Mike's flower love story started with our own individual love of the outdoors instilled in us when we were young. We both followed that love throughout our lives, and eventually it led us both to Longwood Gardens, the nation's premier public garden in Kennett Square, PA.

After a couple years, with our own upcoming wedding, we decided to move to Elizabeth's hometown of Columbus. It was our wedding and our involvement in the design and vision of it that made us both  realize that we could turn our love of flowers, the outdoors, and design into an amazing business.

We each have our own special strengths and talents, that when combined are the making of a great team. We love working together and bringing joy to people through sharing our flowers

As our friend, Andrea, of LynnVale Studios said "couples who bouquet together stay together," and we agree!

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